Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Retiring the FreeDOS blog

Hi everyone! I've been sharing updates on the FreeDOS blog since at least 2006. (I know I have been writing here since 2006, but we had another kind of blog elsewhere before that.)

We don't get a lot of visitors here. And it would be nice to consolidate the web traffic for FreeDOS to a single place. So I'm planning to retire this FreeDOS blog from the Blogger platform.

I have a few more items queued up through the end of the month. I'll plan to retire this blog effective June 1.

However, we will still have a FreeDOS blog! Look for more updates from the FreeDOS website at www.freedos.org including an archive of this blog. I'll share an update around June 1, as a news item on the main website.

Thanks for visiting the FreeDOS blog! And be sure to follow us at www.freedos.org