Thursday, March 19, 2020


So you've installed FreeDOS, but you don't see the program that you need. How can you install programs on FreeDOS?

There are actually two ways to install programs on FreeDOS.

1. Install it manually

This is usually pretty straightforward, because unlike on some other operating systems, DOS programs are statically linked. That means you can just install that program and everything should be fine - in almost all cases. There are very few instances where one program depends on another. But for most programs and games, you can just install it and you're off.

Once you find the program and download it, you usually just need to extract the archive. Most programs are distributed as zip files, so you just need to unzip the program. Look for the EXE or COM program inside that.

Larger DOS programs and many games require an "Install" process. Look for an INSTALL.EXE or a SETUP.EXE program to run. This should be a simple process of following the prompts.

2. Install it as a package

FreeDOS includes lots of programs and games in the FreeDOS distribution. Each program is contained in a package. Starting with FreeDOS 1.2, we include other "extras" on the install CD. These extras are not installed as part of the regular FreeDOS installation—otherwise, that would be way too big. Instead, you need to install these programs after installing FreeDOS.

FreeDOS 1.2 (and the upcoming FreeDOS 1.3) uses a package manager program called FreeDOS Installer—My Package List Editor Software. Or FDIMPLES for short.

And here's how to use FDIMPLES to install these extra packages:

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