Monday, March 2, 2020

Updates on FreeDOS

I haven't written in the FreeDOS blog for a while. As you probably know, I changed jobs in April last year; I now own a consulting company. But I still want to work on FreeDOS too - and with everyone's support on Patreon, I've been able to take time away from my consulting to continue work on FreeDOS.

Over on the FreeDOS Patreon, I've talked about all the extra work I've been doing for FreeDOS. Here's a quick recap:

I've updated the FreeDOS website. The old website was "okay" but it definitely needed an update. The new website is easier to read and easier to navigate. You should find it much easier to find the information you're looking for.

I've been making videos about FreeDOS. Check out our FreeDOS channel on YouTube for weekly videos about FreeDOS, and about DOS applications and games. These are getting better over time, thanks to your comments and suggestions.

I'm updating the FreeDOS Wiki. The FreeDOS wiki needs to be updated. Some of the information is old or out of date, other pages are just hard to find. So I'm updating the wiki with new content, updating older pages, and generally making things better.

I'm updating the FreeDOS bug tracker. Many FreeDOS programs and utilities have longstanding bugs. But many of these bugs have since been fixed, and no one updated the bug tracker. I'm starting to go through the bug tracker to remove any stale bugs that no longer apply. I've also started updating the one-line description of the bugs (the "title") so it's easier to find bugs that match an actual problem. For example: I'm changing bugs like "problem with DIR" to something like "DIR does not insert newline before summary info."

The Wiki is getting the most attention from me right now, since that's the next Goal on the FreeDOS Patreon. (Patreon has "Goals" for each funding level.) The Goals I've set on the FreeDOS Patreon are:

  • $100/mo - start making videos (done)
  • $200/mo - update the FreeDOS website (done)
  • $300/mo - update the FreeDOS wiki (in progress)
  • $500/mo - update the FreeDOS bug tracker (started)
  • $750/mo - port Unix and Linux utils to FreeDOS
  • $1000/mo - write new programs and games for FreeDOS

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