Thursday, March 12, 2020

Navigating FreeDOS - EDIT

The text editor is probably one of the most useful parts of any operating system. In FreeDOS, the default text editor is the FreeDOS EDIT program.

FreeDOS EDIT (by Joe Cosentino) includes more advanced features than the MS-DOS Editor. In FreeDOS EDIT, you can find a simple calendar, useful for project planning. Programmers will also find a handy ASCII character table. Find both the calendar and ASCII table under the "Utilities" menu.

You'll also find simple word processing features in FreeDOS EDIT, like changing the case (uppercase and lowercase) of text, or showing the statistics of a selection block, or setting line wrap.

I encourage you to try FreeDOS EDIT and explore the menus. You can access everything from the keyboard by tapping the Alt key on your keyboard. Or if you have a mouse, you can use the mouse to click on each menu.

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