Saturday, June 29, 2019

Celebrate FreeDOS at 25

How are you celebrating FreeDOS on our 25th anniversary? I'm spending the day with family and friends, drinking a beer. I'm also responding to a lot of emails. Thanks everyone for your well-wishes!

Here are a few other ways you can celebrate FreeDOS today:

Buy a FreeDOS 25th anniversary t-shirt! These are available on our FreeDOS store at Zazzle, in mens and womens styles. You can transfer the design to other products on Zazzle, like stickers or coffee mugs or hats. If you prefer a different color t-shirt, you can change that too.

Direct links are: mens t-shirt + womens t-shirt.
Download a free copy of our FreeDOS ebook! We have two of them:

23 Years of FreeDOS (2017) contains the voices of the users who contributed their stories, as well as the history of FreeDOS. Many individuals have helped make FreeDOS what it is, but this e-book represents only a few of them. You can get it in PDF format.

Using FreeDOS (2018) includes how-tos on installing FreeDOS, essays about running DOS applications, and quick reference guides to FreeDOS commands and batch programming. You can get it in PDF or EPUB format.

You can buy a print copy of Using FreeDOS from our publishing partner at Lulu.

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