Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Top ten of 2017, part 2

As promised from part 1, here is the rest of the top ten favorite blog posts about FreeDOS in 2017:

(6) Happy 23rd Birthday to FreeDOS
FreeDOS turned 23 years old this year. While there's nothing really special about "23 years old," I thought we should mark our anniversary by sharing some interesting moments in FreeDOS history. Throughout June 2017, I've asked others to share their own stories about how they got started with FreeDOS, or how they joined FreeDOS, or how they contributed to FreeDOS, as part of the FreeDOS Blog Challenge. And I was impressed and humbled to see so many people respond to that challenge. We later collected these essays into a book, 23 Years of FreeDOS.
(7) How to Support Different Spoken Languages in FreeDOS
When you write a new program, you probably don't think about spoken languages other than your own. But what about others who don't speak English, or who only know a little English? They can't understand what yours programs are saying. Use the FreeDOS Cats/Kitten library to add multi-language support to your programs.
(8) FreeDOS for OEM
Jerome Shidel contributed this article for the FreeDOS summer coding blog challenge, about how to use FreeDOS for OEM PCs.
(9) Unix Utilities for FreeDOS
Years ago, there was the "GNUish" project, which ported the GNU utilities to DOS. But eventually the project stalled. In the absence of a "GNUish 2.0" project, I have started to collect the Unix-workalike programs to a single directory on our files archive. This led to many new developers contributing to FreeDOS for the first time, by porting or re-implementing Unix utilities to FreeDOS.
(10) What is FreeDOS 2.0?
In October, we started a conversation on the freedos-devel email list about what the next release of FreeDOS should look like. We used this to update the FreeDOS Road Map to help shape what the next FreeDOS distribution should look like. To follow up from our email list discussion, we decided the next version will be an incremental improvement over FreeDOS 1.2, with minor changes and additions and no structural changes. We decided not to change the Base package group, and that the Base package group should still replicate the functionality from MS-DOS (no packages moved to a "Compat" package group). With no grand changes planned, this means the next release will be "FreeDOS 1.3."

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