Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What is FreeDOS 2.0?

I've lately wondered what should come after FreeDOS 1.2. I think it's time to talk about "FreeDOS 2.0." We've started a discussion on the freedos-devel email list, and I encourage you to join the conversation!

My thoughts:

FreeDOS is meant to be a Free software / open source software replacement for MS-DOS. As such, "FreeDOS 2.0" must maintain compatibility with MS-DOS. I am not suggesting changing core compatibility. "FreeDOS 2.0" needs to remain 16-bit, with a single-user single-tasking command-line environment that runs on PCs. Compatibility is key!

However, in looking at what "FreeDOS 2.0" might be, I think we are maintaining some legacy softare that doesn't need to be part of "base" anymore. So in looking at "FreeDOS 2.0," I am thinking about changing what tools and utilities are installed when you choose "Base packages only" versus "Full installation."

Let's start a discussion:

(1) What does "Base" mean in 2017 or 2018?
I think there are some packages we might take out of "Base" and move into a "Compat" package group, such as:
  • JOIN
  • others?
(2) Are there other packages we should install "Base" by default?
I don't want to make this a free-for-all, but perhaps there are some utilities that should be "promoted" to "Base." What utilities do you think should be moved to "Base" in "FreeDOS 2.0"?
(3) What packages do we include in FreeDOS 1.2 that shouldn't exist in "FreeDOS 2.0"?

(4) Is there anything missing in FreeDOS 1.2 that should be included in "FreeDOS 2.0"?

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