Friday, September 15, 2017

Who wants to improve the kernel?

This article has changed since it was originally posted
I made an error when I originally posted this, so wanted to clarify. I thought the kernel was the only remaining part of FreeDOS that requires a non-open source software toolchain (Borland C). And in fact, I mentioned Borland in the Q&A from my FreeDOS talk at Kieler. From the FreeDOS kernel build.txt file:

This kernel compiles with Turbo C 2.01, Turbo C++ 1.01 (now freely available!), Turbo C 3.0, Borland C 4.51 & 5.01. It should work with other Borland and Microsoft compilers and (Open)Watcom C. GCC can compile the kernel but the result does *not* work (no 16-bit x86 support).

(emphasis mine)

I interpreted that the kernel "should" compile with OpenWatcom as being uncertain. But Rugxulo reached out to me and confirmed that "The FD kernel can already compile fine with OpenWatcom."

So thanks to Rugxulo for clearing that up for me! I haven't been involved in kernel programming since Pat died, so I didn't realize we now compiled on OpenWatcom.

I've edited this post to reflect this update.

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