Friday, June 16, 2017

Guest post: FreeDOS and OpenGEM

Shane Martin Coughlan shared his story about how he discovered FreeDOS, and found his first contribution to open source software through OpenGEM. You can read Shane's story "Where it all started" on Medium.

I loved reading the history of OpenGEM and how it grew up. For a while in FreeDOS history, I wasn't sure that FreeDOS should include a graphical user interface (GUI) because I was concerned that would distract from other work. But OpenGEM is pretty awesome, and as longtime FreeDOSers know, we included OpenGEM in our software list as part of the official FreeDOS 1.0 distribution.

From the article:

OpenGEM grew to become the most popular GEM distribution and had six major revisions, eventually becoming an official FreeDOS package for that project’s 1.0 release cycle. I was tremendously honoured to have become part of a community that had given me so much, and to play a small part in making computing more accessible to other people. The FreeDOS and FreeGEM communities were where I discovered and understood the potential of Open Source.

Thanks, Shane!

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