Saturday, May 20, 2017

Getting started in FreeDOS

Every time new developers email me to ask what they can work on, I realize I don't have a list to point them to. I'll put something on the website later, but I wanted to share a few notes to help new developers get started in FreeDOS.

What can you work on?

Help fix bugs
All software has bugs. Like the one in HELP that causes a  crash when any language other than English is being used. A great way to contribute to FreeDOS is by fixing bugs. Look through our Bugs database and contribute some code patches. If you can't find the current maintainer, ask on the freedos-devel mailing list.

Create new features
There are those projects that should be done. But, nobody really seems to want to do. For example, FreeDOS could use a good GPL-licensed CD-ROM driver.

Adapt FreeDOS to modern platforms
There are complex problems that everybody would love solved. FreeDOS could really UEFI bootstrap/BIOS emulator. There may be open source projects that could be ported. Otherwise, it would be a very long term and complex project.

Pick up an existing project
Then there are those numerous abandoned open source projects. Some haven’t had any fixes or updates in many years. It would be nice if they found a new home and were adopted by a loving and caring family.

There are so many things to do. No matter how much is done. There will always be more.

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  1. Is there a list of projects needing a new parent? Also re gnuish and the huge list of things on, is there a list of "gnu-y things we'd really like to see a FreeDOS version of"?