Sunday, February 12, 2017

Posting FreeDOS news

FreeDOS is community-driven, and we want to hear about how people are using FreeDOS, and what new things they are developing for it. When cool new things come to us, we like to post news items on the FreeDOS website about it. Sometimes, we may put it on our FreeDOS Twitter instead.

We don't have hard rules or guidelines for what we post as news on the website versus what we prefer to put on Twitter, but generally what I do is this:

  1. If it's an update to an existing open source DOS program we already include in FreeDOS, or an update to a program everyone knows about, then post it as news
  2. If it's a new open source DOS program that's just getting off the ground, tweet it instead
  3. If it's a new open source DOS program that's gone through several updates and is clearly going to be around for a while, post it as news
  4. If it's a new open source DOS program by a current FreeDOS contributor, could be either news or tweet, depending.

And anything that's posted as news also gets tweeted.

So if you are doing something cool in FreeDOS, and especially if you are updating or contributing to a DOS program, please let us know!

The best way to share your news is to join the FreeDOS community via the freedos-devel or freedos-user email lists, and make announcements there so everyone can see it. We often pick up news items from those forums to post on the website or on Twitter.

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