Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How I use FreeDOS

We’re almost ready for the FreeDOS 1.2 distribution, so I thought I’d answer one of the most common questions I get: “Do I use FreeDOS as my primary operating system?”

No, I don’t run FreeDOS as my primary system. That would really be impressive!

I run Linux at home. Technically, we also have a Mac, but that’s just there to manage iTunes purchases and push music and audiobooks to our iPods. My primary system is Linux. My laptop is a Lenovo X1 Carbon (first gen) running Fedora 25 with GNOME 3.

The tools I use every day include: Google Chrome, Firefox, and GNOME Web to browse the web; Gedit to edit text or simple code (such as Bash); GNU Emacs to edit program code (I prefer C); GNOME Terminal to ssh to my personal server and to the FreeDOS website; RhythmBox to listen to music.

I run FreeDOS in a virtual machine. I use DOSEmu if I’m writing FreeDOS code, so I can use GNU Emacs on Linux to write code and immediately compile it in FreeDOS via DOSEmu. That’s really convenient because DOSEmu maps a folder in your home directory as the C: drive. But I don’t write a lot of code these days.

If I need to run FreeDOS as though it’s running on hardware, such as testing the upcoming FreeDOS 1.2 release, I use GNOME Boxes (which is really QEMU).

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