Sunday, December 25, 2016

FreeDOS 1.2

I am proud to announce the release of FreeDOS 1.2! You can download it from our website at

The latest official FreeDOS distribution is the result of the hard work from many people. Thanks to everyone in the FreeDOS Project for their work towards this new release! There are too many of you to recognize individually, but you have all helped enormously. Thank you!

DOS is one of the oldest PC operating systems. FreeDOS has an equally long history. We started the FreeDOS Project in 1994 to create a free, open source software version of DOS. We made our first Alpha release in September 1994, and our first Beta in March 1998. In September 2006, we finally released FreeDOS 1.0. And in January 2012, we released FreeDOS 1.1.

The new FreeDOS 1.2 is mostly an incremental change over FreeDOS 1.1, although you'll find a few nice surprises.

FreeDOS 1.2 now makes it easier to connect to a network. We include a revamped network setup and useful network applications to get you online. Try the Dillo web browser for a graphical web experience, or the Links web browser if you want just the text.

If you're interested in updated functionality, you can find new tools under the Utilities section. For example, FreeDOS 1.2 provides several image enhancement programs like Pngcrush and Gifsicle. Or you can enhance the DOS command line with Unix-like utilities like sed, grep, tee, head, and bc.

Many people use FreeDOS to play games, and FreeDOS 1.2 now includes several open source games for you to try. We include Freedoom and Boom for classic first-person shooter fans. Arcade-style game fans will like Wing, a familiar space shooter game, or Kiloblaster, a fast-paced arcade shooter. Classic gamers will want to try Nethack, Invaders, Sudoku, and Tetris. For those who want to play their own classic DOS games, we provide other tools like Slowdown, so you can run certain older games on a fast modern computer.

But I think the first thing you'll notice about FreeDOS 1.2 is the new installer! I wanted to make the install process an easy one, for new and experienced users alike. And we have that in the new FreeDOS 1.2 installer, thanks to Jerome Shidel. If you are a new user, the installer makes it easy to install FreeDOS and get going with a few defaults. If you're an experienced DOS user, you can unlock the Advanced installer that lets you tweak the FreeDOS install to your preference.

I'm very excited for the new FreeDOS 1.2 distribution!


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