Friday, July 1, 2011

FreeDOS web site updates

I wanted to share some "behind the scenes" changes on the FreeDOS web site. You may not have noticed, but I've cleaned up many of the web pages, including some updates and new features. The latest changes include better support for mobile web browsers.

In the past, if you used a mobile device to visit the FreeDOS web site, you automatically saw a mobile-enabled page. In the last few weeks, I've trimmed what appears on the mobile version, so pages will load faster. For example, news items on the front page don't show full details when viewed on a mobile device—you can click on the link to read the complete news item.

That's great on a mobile phone or similar device, but for larger devices (iPad?) on a Wi-Fi connection, you may prefer to see the regular, full-size web site. There's now a link at the bottom of each page for "view full site" (or "view mobile site" if you're on the full-size version.) This sets a temporary cookie in your web browser, to change your web site preference.

You can change this manually by using m=1 in the URL to set the mobile view, or m=0 for the full-version web site (this is handy for bookmarks.)

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