Sunday, May 9, 2010

Web images cleanup

Yesterday, I started to do some cleanup work in the FreeDOS images space. So far, I've updated the presentation so the page looks better, and separated the "official" logos from the "unofficial" logos.

Next, I plan to rename the official "FreeDOS fish" logos so they are named in a consistent way. Probably something like "fdfish_color_text.*" and "fdfish_bw_url.*", etc. That way, it's easy to pick out an official FreeDOS logo asset via its filename, and know what's inside it.

Looks like we don't have any pages on the site that refer to these files directly (we use copies of the assets for the stylesheets.) But I'm mentioning it in case someone out there notices the change. I don't know if anyone out there is referencing a logo directly from the FreeDOS web site, and obviously those references will break when I am done.
Update: The cleanup is done. If you need to know how the official logos were renamed, I've created a list for you at renamed.txt.

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