Saturday, March 6, 2010

Old software list

As promised, it's been a week, so I have replaced the old software list with a friendly message that redirects you to the new software list. Now, if you try to visit the old (lsm.cgi) software list, you'll just get a message that the software list has moved, and a URL to the new page you were looking for.

For the last week, the old software list has worked, but had a note added to it, letting you know that it was the old version. This was so program maintainers could compare the new software list with the old software list, and verify for themselves that all the data was correctly imported.

If you still want to validate the data in the new software list against the old data, you will need to use the old LSM files directly. The old LSM files are still there, but I haven't linked to them so web search engines can't find them (these files were never meant to be indexed or views directly, but rather through the software list web interface.) But you can still get there if you know where to look.

Let's say you want to compare entries in the "Base" disk set. The LSM files from the old software list are still on the web server. Go to and you'll see a list of files ending with ".lsm". Those are the original LSM files. Just put that at the end of the "" URL.

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