Sunday, February 28, 2010

Exporting an LSM

I recently posted about the new software list, how it uses a database back-end to store the data. An important thing to remember is that maintainers will still use LSM files to provide information (author, maintainer, URL, etc) about your program. The new software list just makes it easier for us to keep the information organized.

But you may ask, "if the database is tracking all the information, how do I edit an LSM file?" Maintainers have two options: You can still edit the LSM file that you already have. Or, you can export your program's information from the database as an LSM file, and work from that. Let me walk you through the process.

To export an LSM file from the database, use this CGI:

Without any parameters, this CGI will simply list all the program "categories" that are available. Categories are what later become "disk sets" in the full distribution. To see the programs listed for a particular category, use the "cat=" parameter. For example, for the "Base" disk set:

This lists all the programs that are part of that category. To view the LSM file for a specific program, give the "prog=" parameter. For example, for the FreeDOS Kernel:

And that's it. Easy!

Note that when you have a new LSM file (for example, when you make a new release of your program, or if you need to update the URL, etc) you still need to email that file to one of the FreeDOS admins. There's an LSM "import" process that the admins can use to put your LSM file into the database.

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