Monday, April 6, 2009

New ibiblio maintainer

As I plan my transition in May, I also need to remember to pass on my role as 1/3 FreeDOS ibiblio maintainer. (The other maintainers are Aitor and Blair.) It's worked well to have 3 of us maintaining the FreeDOS files archive at ibiblio. With 3 maintainers, it's very unlikely that the FreeDOS Project will completely lose the account info if one of us suddenly becomes unavailable.

Anyway, around May 4 I'll make Mateusz Viste an ibiblio maintainer, so he can upload FDUPDATE files there. I'll stop doing any ibiblio stuff after that date.
Update: (Apr 9 2009) I've been thinking about this, and it's silly to wait until May for me to transition my role of 1/3 FreeDOS ibiblio maintainer to Mateusz. We should do it now, so that if anyone has questions about our file archives at ibiblio, I'm still around to ask. I've just shared the login info with Mateusz. I'll stop doing any file maintainer stuff on ibiblio after today - Aitor, Blair, and Mateusz are now the official FreeDOS ibiblio maintainers.

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