Thursday, March 19, 2009

Next steps in transition

I have been thinking about the next steps in the transition, so that there's a seamless transfer when I step away from the FreeDOS Project in May. Obviously, I'm still around at this point, so you can feel free to email me with questions,etc. But starting in April, anyone who tries to contact a webmaster really should get pointed to Aitor and Eric. Just to let everyone know, around April 4 I'll remove myself from the Webmasters page. I'll still be a webmaster, and I may even update pages after that time, but new contacts should go to Aitor and Eric.

I'm not sure what mail lists I'm still subscribed to, but I'm also considering taking myself off all lists except freedos-devel as of April 4.

I plan to continue updating the FreeDOS Wiki, and posting "vision" items to my blog page. However, I will try to avoid posting any news items on so others can get some practice doing that.

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