Thursday, January 29, 2009

You can help

If you're looking for a status update on the FreeDOS 1.1 distribution, here it is:

Not done yet. We're still working on it. We need help. Coming soon!

We're looking for help in putting together the FreeDOS 1.1 distribution, and that means you! What's in the queue before we can roll out the "1.1" distro:
  1. Mateusz has the new FDUPDATE but you cannot (yet) use it to update from FreeDOS 1.0 to "1.1", since not all the clean zip packages have been completed. Check the package list to start.
  2. We need someone to assemble the FreeDOS 1.1 packages. This will probably be related to the FDUPDATE work.
  3. The updated Installer hasn't been worked on. Not sure this is going to happen for the release. Aitor may be working on it; please contact him to contribute.
Additional features of FreeDOS 1.1:
  • Fritz is almost done with the new update for HTMLHELP, including German and English texts. Needs proof-reading. Email freedos-devel if you can help.
  • Brian's new FDISK needs testing. It's currently at version 1.3.1.
  • The FreeDOS bug database (a separate list is also at the FD-DOC wiki) shows all known problems with FreeDOS 1.0. Contact a developer through the Software List.
  • We also need help with testing, especially as we get closer to making a pre-release.
For FreeDOS 1.1, we aren't planning any major changes. This will pretty much be an update to the 1.0 release, but with a new Update program, an optional floppy-only "Base" install, and (hopefully) a few updates to the Install program. Let's worry about other, larger changes in later releases.

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